Metal and plastic components
for office, home, school and community.

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Manufacture of components for seats, tables, and forniture accessories

AlbaComponents operates in the sector of designer components for furniture with the aim of offering solutions which are beautiful, innovative, functional and versatile. Each component is designed, manufactured, marketed and sold by means of the carefully-orchestrated work of all our departments: from innovative design, to specialized, rigorously Made in Italy manufacturing, to optimized and flexible logistics, to offer the market advanced furniture solutions. The extensive expertise we’ve acquired over the years, our modern infrastructure, the advanced technologies adopted, the competence and passion of the entire team of skilled staff who work for the AlbaComponents brand; it is all of this that allows us to respond to every request with a highly unique approach, enabling us to provide solutions which are always innovative and versatile.

Our Italian identity is a strength and source of pride for the whole Metalmeccanica Alba Group: starting from initial design, entrusted to our in-house Research & Development Department and to designers who collaborate with us, right up to manufacturing which is carried out in Treviso here in northeast Italy in a technologically advanced factory. Everything is overseen by our Management Team to ensure optimal results. The test area is continuously working: each new model is tested in-house with machines supplied by Catas, the furniture materials testing institute, to ensure each product can be safely released to market. But without doubt, the element that most exemplifies the real capacity of AlbaComponents are the skilful hands of all the people who work every day with enormous passion, dedication and expertise.


AlbaComponents is a benchmark brand in the design, production and marketing of chair frames, seats, components for office chairs, benches, sofas, armchairsbookcases, tables and frames for other furniture accessories, as well as stools and hangers. Over time we have achieved a widespread presence both in Italy and internationally.

Within our website, you will find a wide selection of products, as well as content aimed at making it easy to choose the seat or accessory that best meets your needs. Product data sheets, brochures, photo galleries, videos, configurators: many features that can be easily consulted from any device.


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