Metalmeccanica Alba is leading the market for Italian furniture components

Are you looking for Italian furniture components? Are you looking for fashionable designs? Are you looking for a leading company in the market for Italian furniture components? Don't look further and stop at AlbaComponents.
We are a leading company all made in Italy in the field of metal and plastic components for office, work, school and community. 
We provide furniture components such as seat frames, chairs, benches, tables, stools or coat stands. All our products are made in Italy from the design to the production.

Step by step to the finished product

For the realization of our products we follow an easy but important procedure. 
Our team of Italian designers receives the request from our customers who explain their ideas and tastes concerning their ideal finished product. 
After collecting hints and ideas, our designers draw sketches that are examined by our internal technical office. 
Once approved the designs are sent to the production line. There the products are shaped, coated and finished, ready for delivery.
Following this step by step procedure allows us to guarantee a flawless service to our customers and to work smoothly through all the production process up to the finished furniture components.
AlbaComponents is based in Italy and offers the best of the Italian furniture components, but its success and good reputation are known worldwide.
We offer our long-experience know-how and the beauty of made in Italy designs and we are now acknowledged as one of the leading companies for Italian furniture components.