Uniqueness to meet every need

Over time, we have developed a catalogue of beautiful, innovative and versatile solutions to provide our clients with a range of distinctive products for furnishing waiting rooms, schools, public offices and conference rooms, offices or professional studios, and domestic environments. Sled, cantilever, swivel, 4 legged bases for chairs and stools; seat shells, seats and backs in plastic and wood, which can then be upholstered with fabric; benches with soft, cradling lines, from 2 to 5 seats, with or without a magazine rack; folding and drop-leaf tables. We also produce furniture accessories essential for both home and office interiors: hat and coat stands, including umbrella holders with optional built-in object tray.

Finally, we deal with the manufacture of components necessary for these products, in particular for seat bases: swivel bases, sled bases, 4-spoked or with fixed legs; legs for tables, armrests in plastic or pvc, wooden or thermoplastic writing tablets, in different shapes, sizes and thicknesses, and also U-brackets for benches, circular footrests, either telescopic or fixed, and armrest brackets. Each of our components for seating and furniture is crafted by the skilled hands of the people who work for the AlbaComponents brand with expertise and dedication to offer an Evolved collection.